Case Analysis: Apple Computer

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, IPod Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: July 26, 2013
Week 1 Case Analysis

Apple Computer

DeVry University

Professor Harrison Burris

July 13, 2013

Table of Contents
Part I: What were some of Apple’s successes and failures?3
Apple’s Successes3
Apple’s Failures3
Part II: Apple’s success and its culture4
Apple Computer: The culture4
Apple Computer: Successes linked to its culture4
Part III: Apple Computer and class TCO’s4
TCO A: Given a company situation be able to describe the industry dynamics of technological innovation.4

Part I: What were some of Apple’s successes and failures?
Apple’s Successes
I won’t list Apple’s successes in any chronological order, I’ll just list them by what I feel had the greatest impact on our culture and what were some of the greatest inventions and innovations by the company. 1. Invention of the iPod ‘click-wheel’. The click wheel was the beginning of the tapping and swiping touchscreens that many other companies followed and still follow to this day. Initially for me it was an adjustment, but once I got used to it the iPod click-wheel enabled me to almost seamlessly filter through hundreds of songs with very few clicks. I think the iPod ‘click-wheel’ paved the way for many users such as myself to become accustomed and eventually demand convenience at my fingertips. 2. Image Management/Branding. During the reign of Steve Jobs, I believe Apple Computer was one of the best at imaging themselves. It started with the “I’m a Mac” ad campaign in the mid 2000’s where two guys compared the PC to the MAC. While windows was focused on megabytes and megahertz, Apple chose to sell their computers based on how you used it and how ‘sexy’ it is rather than sell features…and it paid off big time for Apple! 3. The iTunes Store. While the iPod was very innovative and some of its components were inventions in and of themselves, it was, at the end of the day another MP3 player until the iTunes Store came along in 2003. The iTunes Store completely...

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