Case Analysis Of Apple

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Product differentiation Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Case analysis of “Apple Inc. in 2012”
This is an individual submission. Submissions may be up to 1,250 words. For this write-up, please answer the following questions. Your answers should be derived from the material presented in the case, so you should not require outside sources in order to prepare your response. Please pay attention to the value of each question when determining how much effort to expend on answering it.

Citations from the case may be simply a page number [e.g., Apple was almost bankrupt in the late 1990s before the second coming of Steve Jobs (p. 1)]. Any citations from other materials must include sufficient information for us to identify the source. APA bibliography format will ensure that complete information is provided. Failure to cite/provide sources may result in loss of up to all writing mechanics points.

Q1. What industry did Apple operate in? How attractive was this industry as an arena in which to do business at the time of the case? It may be useful to think of Apple as competing in a broad industry with several segments, but Apple could also be argued to compete in several related industries. If you prefer to think of these business domains as multiple industries, please assess the overall attractiveness of Apple’s portfolio of businesses across these related industries. Does the attractiveness vary by segment/sub-industry? By competitor? Explain (briefly). 30% From the beginning of time apple has operated in quite a few industries, the first being the Personal Computer in in 1976 (pg1) and then with the leadership of John Sculley they entered the Desktop Publishing industry from 1985 to 1993 where John Sculley also attempted to implement a low cost strategy (pg2). Scully didn’t stop there he also tried to forge an alliance with Apples rival IBM, this resulted a gross margin drop of 34% and the termination of Sculley (pg3). Ceo Gilbert Amelio then entered the picture with his price differentiation strategy...
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