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Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Openness to experience Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: April 15, 2014

Cassie Doubet
Case Analysis #3

Steve Job’s Personality & Attitudes Drove His Success

All companies are distinguished by their success in many different ways. CEO’s all have different traits that will classify and measure the behavior of those that work within their company. Some will promote high success levels, some will not succeed. It’s important to understand the employee’s behaviors, just as it is important for employees to understand the behavior of those higher up and those directing the orders. Understanding personalities are summed into the big five model of personalities: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience. Extroversion is defined as being full of life, energy, positive thinking, social and assertive. Agreeableness is a person that is warm, friendly and tactful; they are an optimistic. A person of conscientiousness is highly self-disciplined. They have a plan that leads them to success (Steve Jobs). Emotional Stability refers to someone that is stable, balanced, and can shake off sarcasm and any negatively that is inflicted upon them ( Steve Jobs). People with openness to experience traits are willing to try new things. They are open-minded, curious about new things, and very imaginative. Steve Jobs was no doubt a successful business man due to his personality of being controlling, powerful, having high self-esteem, demonstrating self-assurance in his work, and for his belief that he can and will make a difference in the products his company promotes. He also made certain that his employees followed his believes, and that they delivered his expectations with no excuses. Jobs delivered excitement in his work, and he didn’t except results that weren’t perfection. He relied on those results not from conducting marketing research, but by knowing, or assuming to know, what it is the consumer was looking for as far as advancements...
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