Case Study Analysis of Apple

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Case Study Analysis of Apple

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Apple Computers is one of the most popular companies around today. Almost everyone I know has an IPhone or a Mac computer. Or they have owned one in the past. Apple computer can be a leader in innovation but also be financially unsuccessful because, in order for a company to be successful they must make a profit. Consumers must purchase goods from the company. If the company isn’t producing a marketable product then they won’t receive a profit. Apple new product ideas include a partnership with Lowes. Apple has developed an App that allows customers to look up pricing information inventory and location of the item from their home. Also how to videos. Apple is also developing ideas with Pepsi Co. Employees can pull out pricing, display planograms, customer development agreements, new contracts . Employees can stop a shipment all with the push of a button. Apple has developed the new Iphone 5 which comes in 2 different colors for the consumer black or white. The consumer can take still photos while recording a video. This isn’t possible with the older models. Yes I believe they focus on innovative ideas they use design And bright colors to attract people. If I was an investment business I would have thought that Apple would have been an exciting new concept. They were totally different than Microsoft. That would be a strength. A weakness would have been they decided not to license the operating system. The more companies that had the license the more profit could have been generated. I think it would be less risky today because Apple is everywhere. I think they will always be around just like Microsoft. Apple is back on top in terms of popularity. Its target audience ranges from young to old. There is no age gap. If I analyzed balance sheets from the start of the business until now I would expect to see a...

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