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What does this case imply about the supply of and demand for employees and the implications for businesses? In the case study "Spotting Talent" describes how critical is the process of attracting and selecting the right employee for the company. The Demand for a talented employee is very high, companies find creative ways to attract possible candidates. Even "lure some students to consider a career" with their company by providing incentive like pizza parties and fun activities. “The search for talent is still challenging because of the increasing demand for and limited supply of potential employees”. So the company that expect to find all the right qualities in an employee needs to be aggressive in finding ways to look more attractive to their possible candidates. (Robbins & Coulter, 2013, p. 409) 2.

What’s the meaning behind the “search for the purple squirrel” in relation to spotting talent? Is this relevant to non-tech companies, as well? Discuss. The search for the purple squirrel or the perfect employee is impossible. “Sometimes you just have to realize that, like the purple squirrel, the “perfect” candidate is not available or doesn't exist”. But companies in general, not only tech industries have to search for the best person for their type of business, or their best version of “purple squirrel”. The purple squirrel may not even exist or can be very complicated to find it, but companies have to keep trying until they find most talented and qualified person to fill in their position and be created like this tech companies so they can also lure possible candidates. (Robbins & Coulter, 2013, p. 409) 5.

Put on your “creative” hat. You’re in charge of HR at a tech start-up. What suggestions can you come up with for “spotting talent?” In my line of work is difficult to choose a candidate based on your resume only. Some of the creative ways that my company has apply for finding talent is to create a talent competition for radio. While work experience...
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