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Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, John Sculley Pages: 4 (798 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Donna Dubinsky and apple Computers Inc.

Donna dubinsky a Yale graduate worked in commercial Banking before entering MBA prog. at Harvard Business school

Joined Apple despite her financial background in the year July 1981 She started as customer support liaison as she wanted a position close to customers.

She reported to Roy Weaver The new head of Distribution, service and support

In 1985 she became director of distribution and sales administration with 80 employees and $ 10 million budget.

Weaver always retained a talented manager like dubinsky, although when jobs wanted to hire Dubinsky for his Macantosh introduction 1983 she chose to stay put. She said Roy has been the best mentor he was available whenever I needed his advice and guidance gave me visibility and responsibility.

Dubinsky focused primarily on her caring and honest relationship with her subordinates. Her subordinates commented:

Donna dubinsky is very direct always support a company’s decision even if she does not agree with it, she always has the company’s interest at heart extremely intelligent. If you look how she was three years ago and where she is now its phenomenal.

She projects a lot of confidence and conviction in her belief

Campbell weavers boss described dubinskys contribution
What we had was this unbelievable plethora of ideas in that product division that came down to a marketing execution funnel donna was the only one who understood what we could do in terms of execution

Company’s Background
Founded in the year 1976
The easy to use Apple II a home and educational computer appeared in 1977 remained as a major selling product.

In 1983 Apple and its cofounder Steve Jobs lured John Sculley to take on presidency at apple

Macantosh was introduced in early of 1984 although never matched apples projection. Macs profits were lowered by high market entry cost, Apple II sales carried the firm through record Christmas quarter, in the year 1985 sals...
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