Choosing a major

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One of the biggest decisions in my life was choosing a major for my college education. I knew that my major will play a big role in shaping my life. I chose mine to be Computer Science. Computers have fascinated me ever since I have seen one and the reason of my fascination is their incredible potential. Even when I was a child I used to reason out how computers worked and what went into making them. Therefore, it was an easy decision for me to choose my major as Computer Science. Computer Science, it always had to be this. Now that I have made my choice, I am planning what I am going to do with the knowledge I will acquire during the course of my college life. There are so many different fields in Computer Science and I have chosen to focus on Artificial Intelligence and Networking.  I believe that today’s smart phones are not really smart. I want to develop cell phones in such a way that they become the only electronic device we will ever need for all the day to day activities. In the process I want to make cell phones smarter than ever and autonomous to a great extent. A cell phone should set itself to silent using the location and calendar events when in a meeting. Similarly, a cell phone should be able to unlock your car, the moment the owner gets close to it and lock it once he leaves. There could be simpler applications as well, like switching on the air conditioning once you are back home or switch on the ice maker in the refrigerator when ice there is no ice left. I believe that this is going to an amazing endeavor which could change the way we interact with technology and handle our day to day activities. I also feel that since I love computer science so much, I will be able excel in my job and make the most of it. And who knows, I maybe the next Steve Jobs. Although, I just want to be the first me.
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