Citation and European Industrial Relations

Topics: Citation, Bibliography, Quotation mark Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: November 28, 2012
If I commit plagiarism unintentionally, it's not my fault and I won't face sanctions as I didn't copy someone else's work on purpose.Answer | Selected Answer: | False|
Correct Answer: | False|
Only one of the following statements is accurate – which one is it?Answer | Selected Answer:| I used an article found on the internet for my assignment. I attributed the authors name and year of publication in my essay and added the full bibliographic details, including the date accessed, to my bibliography.|

What citation/referencing style are you required to use in assignments submitted as part of your UCD course?Answer | Selected Answer:| Harvard|
In your bibliography when listing a printed journal article, which of the following do you need to include? (Select all correct answers). Correct Answers:| Title of the article
Author's name
Volume/issue number of journal
Title of the journal|
“To adapt, appropriate, or alter the wording of (a saying or quotation) or the words of (an author or speaker) to suit one's own purpose” – Oxford English Dictionary Online (draft revision June 2006), available online [accessed 26th August 2008]. Paraphrasing allows you to allude to another’s work in your own assignments. When paraphrasing another’s work, you are required to acknowledge you are using another’s ideas to illustrate a point, and cite from where the information is sourced.When writing up my project if I change a few words with a section of text I don't have to cite it, because I have paraphrased it.Answer | Selected Answer: | False|

How do you properly "cite" the source of facts or information you've paraphrased? Check all the boxes to indicate exactly what you need to do to properly cite your sources, using the following webpage for further help. Correct Answers:| Put an in-text reference i.e. (Author name date: page number) at the end of each sentence that contains new information from the source. Add the bibliographic...
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