Citation and Industrial Relations Assignment

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• Follow the outline provided in order to compile your assignment

• Your assignment should be typed in Times New Roman and a front size of 12 with 1.5 line spacing and the text should be justified. • Assignment Due Date: Week 5, 15th July, 2011, 5.00 p.m. No assignments will be accepted after 5pm.

• Assignment should be submitted with the cover sheet and plagiarism statement.

• You will need to submit a hard copy of your assignment as well as a softcopy.


Due to the continuing globalization, regional economic integration, technological changes, management alteration and the government reform and restructuring including labour reform policies, many changes are taking place in the field of labour market and employment relations.

Keeping above in mind, identify and analyze the various emerging and recent issues and trends in the developed and developing nations such as South Pacific Island Countries labour markets and employment relations based on the cases reported in the press and media and online publications, national/regional or international reports as well as recent Industrial Relations Journals.

You need to bifurcate the discussion from the traditional and historical times of industrial relations to existing major issues in the employment relations, for example – labour standards, new employment practices, employers’ attitude towards trade unions, status of trade union movement and density, public policy on labor matters, trends in industrial disputes, collective bargaining, employers’ associations, joint consultation and tripartite bodies, workers victimization and discrimination, strikes and lockouts, etc. You may confine your assignment to few issues and have a thorough analysis or cover as many issues as aspects as an overview.

Guidelines/Format for Individual Assignment

Title page/Cover sheet as attached below

Table of Contents page

The introduction is where you briefly outline your chosen issue. The introduction should indicate a position (i.e. argument) with regard to the issue chosen and suggest the line of reasoning that will be developed in the essay.

The body of the essay develops and supports the argument identified in the introduction. This is where you will build an argument and provide evidence (for example, expert opinion, examples, data, research findings, etc.) to support your argument.

A conclusion draws together and summarizes the ideas and line of reasoning presented in the essay and makes some meaningful statement with regard to the argument as it has been developed in the essay.

Include all references cited in your analysis. Do not include references in your Reference List that are not cited in the body of your essay. Please note that the source of all information and ideas that are not your own should be acknowledged using standard conventions on referencing. You will have to follow the APA style of referencing. I have also attached an article on how to go about doing referencing using APA style. Please make sure you refer to this article for your referencing.

The outline needs to follow formal essay writing style and needs to have a proper introduction, body (containing arguments) and conclusion as mention above. All essays should have in-text references and bibliography. Bibliography (follow APA referencing style)

This is an individual assignment. The length of your assignment should be in the vicinity of 5-10 A4 pages (2500-3000 words) excluding the bibliography.

• Make sure you don’t forget to sign the Plagiarism Statement by declaring that the individual assignment is your own piece of work and that all sources have been duly acknowledged. • Assignments...
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