Citation and Organizational Structure

Topics: Citation, Parenthetical referencing, Cold War Pages: 9 (1841 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Dear Student:
Please be sure to scroll ALL the way through this document. You will find: a. Project instructions [Be alert to options within the instructions]

b. Notice on using Wikipedia

c. Information on how we use a 6 Traits + 1 Rubric to score projects

d. 6 Traits + 1 Chart for your reference, and later, for your teacher’s feedback

e. White space for you to paste in your completed project

Here is your goal for this lesson:
Write a report analyzing the Cold War policy of containment
Many Americans have questioned whether fighting a full-scale war against China or a war of containment was the best policy for fighting the Korean War. Using the Internet, library, and other sources, research how Truman and MacArthur differed over strategy in fighting the Korean War. After analyzing each position, determine whether Truman or MacArthur had the best strategy. In an essay of approximately 350-400 words:

• State why you believe Truman or MacArthur had the best strategy in fighting the Korean War. • Give your reasons and arguments for the position you have chosen and make your arguments as convincing as possible. • Does it appear to you that either strategy is based upon biblical principles? In what way and which principles are given expression by the policy or strategy? __________________

Remember to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling when typing your essay. Remember, all projects must follow the Academy's guidelines concerning plagiarism and MLA formatting for the citation of sources. Source citation will be graded based on the following:

• Did the student include parenthetical citations within the body of his/her report any time he/she summarized or quoted a source? • Are the parenthetical citations in proper format (MLA)? • Is the works cited page in proper format (MLA)?

Because it is very important to avoid even unintentional copying, any project submitted without a works cited page (when one is necessary) will be returned to you in order for you to add it. You will then need to resubmit the project for grading after you have added the works cited page. You can refer to the Academy’s document on MLA format, found on the Academy’s online resource center -, for additional assistance. Notice

Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for any Academy project and may not be used.  Contributors to Wikipedia sometimes plagiarize other sources or submit erroneous information. Be sure to use primary sources and cite your sources in accepted MLA (Modern Language Association) format.

 Go to “Citing Sources” in our online Resource Center for help. 

Projects will be graded according to a rubric which measures six important traits essential to good writing. Your teacher will use the rubric below to score aspects of each trait giving a best score of 5, or a lowest score of 1, or something in between. Once your teacher has scored each trait he/she will convert rubric scores to the Academy grade scale.

Please study the chart below so to understand how to improve your writing and your project scores.
Six Traits + 1 Rubric

|Trait |5 |3 |1 | |Ideas: The main message of the |This paper is clear and focused. It |The writer is beginning to define |The paper has no clear sense of | |piece, the topic, with supporting |holds the reader’s attention. |the topic, even though development |purpose or central theme. The | |details that enrich and develop that|Relevant anecdotes and details enrich|is still basic or general. |reader must make inferences based | |topic. |the central theme. | |on sketchy or missing details. | |...
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