Citing a Discussion Posting and Study Notes

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Citing a Discussion Posting and Course Study Notes in APA Style

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Citing a Discussion Posting in APA Style

If you want to cite a colleague’s Discussion posting, follow the guidelines in chapter 7 in the APA Manual. Note, however, that authors of formal writing published in scholarly journals would rarely cite a Discussion posting because of its questionable scholarly value.

So let’s say that you, student Zelda Gilroy, are participating in a Discussion topic called “Environmental Responsibility.” You read a comment by fellow student Chatsworth Osborne posted on June 29, 2006, and you want to cite it. In your posting you would write something like:

Osborne (2006, June 29) commented that people who drive gas-guzzlers are insensitive to environmental degradation. While that might be true for many drivers, it’s impossible to say it’s true for everyone. That kind of generalization is exactly what has so polarized the voting public.

In the Reference list, you’ll have:

Osborne, C. (2006, June 29). Environmental responsibility [Online forum content]. Retrieved from

Citing Course Study Notes in APA Style

Suppose when you write your assigned paper you want to cite the study notes you’ve been reading in your eCollege classroom. The week’s notes are titled “Effects on Health of Exposure to Forest Fires.” Assuming you have a date of publication of the course in the eCollege classroom and you do not know the author’s name of the notes, you’ll abbreviate the study notes topic name and type, in uppercase, and in quotation marks:

As discussed in the PUBH 6890 course study notes (“Effects on Health,” 2005), forest fires have caused lasting damage to firefighters’ lungs.

In the Reference list, you’ll have the following (and note the...
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