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HUMN11713GPerspectives on World Issues

Cola Colonization – Documentary Link Assigment 1 / Media Analysis (20%) – Guidelines
“Cola Conquest: Cola Colonization” -Cola Conquest Part 3 - – Cola Colonization (1998) DLI Productions. Due: Week 6 – In class (hard copy)
The media analysis should follow the format given below (in the same order). 1. Thesis of the film – What major idea is the producer trying to convey? 2. Make clear links to a global issue . The form of Globalization that is relevant in this case? Is this a case of Modernization? Why? 3. What kind of reactions (positive/negative), does the entry of coca cola into specific cultures / countries, are generated? and why? 4. Explain why you think the documentary, and the global issue it addresses is important ? Make this part personal / in your words e.g. “I think _ _ _ _.” This part should be sufficiently long. 5. This assignment should be about 4-5 pages long (double-spaced; doesn’t include cover page), typed, and grammar/spelling-checked, and follow APA referencing guidelines. You may consult the APA referencing guideline posted on the SLATE course Homepage. The documentary/movie and other references should be referenced.

Late penalties policy will be applied on late submissions


This term is often associated with that of Westernization. Modernization refers to a process whereby it is suggested that the Developing nations are following, or should follow, the process of development – economic, political, cultural – of the Developed countries and become “developed.” The proponents of this view would judge the success of this process by comparing aspects/changes in Developing societies with that of the advanced capitalistic societies.
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