COM295r3 New Hire Communication Worksheet 2

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New Hire Communication Worksheet

Select a company you are familiar with. Imagine that you work for the HR department of the company. You are tasked to develop a message to orient new hires to the company culture, process, procedures, and general information.

Compose a message for new hires using the three-step process outlined in Ch. 5 of Business Communication.

Step 1: Prewriting

Review the AIM planning process in Ch. 5 of Business Communication including the “Chapter Takeaway for Creating Effective Messages.”

Analyze the situation described above by answering each of the following questions with 1 to 2 paragraphs:

1. Review the assignment directions above. What is the purpose of the message the HR employee is tasked to write?

The purpose of this assignment is make sure the new hires understand the company’s culture, process, procedures and general information about the company.

2. Who is the audience? What are characteristics shared by the audience that the HR employee should consider when writing the message? What do they already know?

Newly Hire employees will be the audience. The characteristics they share are new to the company, perception easily formed.

3. Which communication channel(s) would you choose to deliver the message and why?

It would be easier to deliver in written form. For example an offer letter, or welcome letter. Followed by company training in person or via webex, or conference call.

4. What writing strategies can you use in your writing of the message?

It is important to persadue the new hire they have made the right choice in this employer. It is important for the new hire to know how excited we are to have them join the team.

Step 2: Drafting

Research your company’s background to know about the culture, processes, and procedures within the organization you selected. Write a rough draft of the message below using the analysis you did in Step 1. Make sure your message is appropriate for the purpose and audience (e.g., new hires). Use an outline to help organize your thoughts. Refer to Ch. 5 of Business Communication for strategies of researching background information and effective writing.

Dear Mary Jo:

Congratulations on your verbal acceptance to join ABC Compang, as a Licenece Pratical Nurse.

Several topics were covered during the interview process, and I would like to address certain aspects of your employment, including the compensation package for this position.

Start Date, Location
We would like to have a start date of July 06, 2015 and your written acceptance of this offer by May 25, 2015.You will report to Brad Pickles, Unit Manager.

You will be paid weekly with a one-week delay (you will receive your first week’s paycheck on the second Friday after yourstart date). You will be paid $35.00 hourly for all hours worked and you will be paid time-and-one-half for any hours worked more than 40 in a single work week.

All employees are required to sign our Employee, Handbook, Confidentiality, Restrictive Covenant, Security and Software Agreements.

Performance Evaluation
During the first 90 days of your employment you will be on probation therefore your manager will attempt to work with you to ensure that you are on task and appropriately filling the expectations of a Nurse. You will receive one-on-one feedback from time to time and are welcome to solicit feedback at any time.

On your 1st day of employment you are eligible to participate in the limited medical plan, life insurance, and STD plans provided by BlueCross BlueShield.. Your first day of coverage will be the Monday following the first payroll employee contribution/deduction.

Direct Deposit
You are encouraged to participate in the direct deposit program to ensure that you have access to your online pay stubs. Please allow two to three weeks for verification...
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