Comm 101

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Persuasive Speech #1:
“Hypothetical Audience” Speech

This assignment is designed to provide you with experience preparing and delivering a persuasive message to an audience other than your classmates. Your goal will be the modification of behavior: you must ultimately convince your audience to act. In doing so, you will also need to change beliefs, attitudes, and/or values.

Assignment Description:

For this speech, you will need to find some problem that affects your fellow students, some organization you belong to, or society at large, and propose a solution to this problem. This assignment differs from your previous speeches in several ways, including the following four major differences. First, you will be required to use the Monroe Motivated Sequence to organize your speech (see pp. 315-317). Second, you will be required to use PowerPoint for all of your visual aids (see PowerPoint on pp. 265-266). You should consider this when choosing your topic. Third, your speech will be followed with a brief question and answer session, moderated by your classmates (see pp. 252-254 for guidelines and tips). Finally, the problem or “Need” you address in your speech must be something that can only be solved through the collective action of some real decision making body. You will give your speech to this “hypothetical audience,” with your classmates assuming the role of the decision making body you choose (school board; state legislature, etc.). Your speech should be adapted to this “hypothetical audience,” NOT to your actual classmates (unless your classmates are the proper decision-making body). Your goal in this speech is to address the appropriate decision making body, convincing it that a problem exists and that your solution should be implemented. In choosing an appropriate audience, feel free to think locally (your campus organization or student government) or broadly (addressing a Congressional Committee or other government body). The main requirement for audience is that it must be in a position to solve the problem you have identified. Note that problems that involve individual decisions and actions, such as health changes (stop smoking, exercise, etc.) are not appropriate for this assignment. Examples of good and bad topics include: Good:

Due to recent thefts (problem), the college (decision making body) must install a new security system in the computer labs (solution). Because the playground is dangerous (problem), the Trail Ridge apartment complex (decision making body) must replace all damaged equipment (solution). Parking on campus is a mess (problem). Ivy Tech’s Board of Trustees (decision making body) should approve a new parking system to allow more student parking on key areas of campus (solution).

Not so good:
You should not smoke. (No decision making body.)
Better: Because of the dangers of second hand smoke, the Sellersburg city council should ban smoking in all bars and restaurants.
Don’t go to a tanning bed. (Same – no collective decision required.) Better: Because tanning beds cause cancer, the Indiana State Legislature should vote to ban these harmful devices. Mike Pence is a terrible governor. (Not a problem-solution topic…does not call for action.) Better: Because he has violated the state constitution numerous times, the State House of Representatives should impeach Governor Pence.

Try to avoid overused speech subjects like wearing seat belts, avoiding texting while driving, donating blood or organs, practicing safe sex, avoiding drinking and driving, and so on unless you can provide some fresh twist to the topic. Topic selection is of paramount concern for this speech! Don’t get a bad grade because your topic does not fit these requirements. See me if you have concerns or questions about your topic.

Specific objectives and grading:

Your speech will be graded...
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