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Personal Communication Analysis
Communication skills have to be practice over time in order for one to get better at it. Developing good communication skills is very important to me because of the goals and dreams that I have for my personal and professional life. Am I that eloquent orator that I have been dreaming of or that powerful writer I am longing to become? I must say that I have improved tremendously but still think that I have a long way to go. I have received constructive criticisms about my communication skills during my communication class and other important presentations. Based on these critics I am aware of my weaknesses and strengths for both oral and written communication. I believe that the first in becoming an effective communicator is by acknowledging your areas of strength and weaknesses, and using various tools and strategies that would enhance your communication skills. The assessment tools I use to analyze my communication skills are the Ashford writing tool center for my writing, reading books of how to become an effective communicator, and Toastmaster of St. Croix to practice my oratorical skills. Mind tools website is another tool I used to evaluate where I am as an effective communicator ("How good are," 2013). Upon completion it generated a score of 57 which fall in the range of excellence. Although I got this score, I still believe my communication skills have to improve. My speaking fluency in terms of speed needs some improvement in order to bridge the gap. According to Young (2013),”Slow down the conversation. This will enable you to digest what is being discussed without having to rush to answer or possibly misspeak”. I don’t think that I misspeak but I tend to get my point across quickly, hence the reason I may have to repeat myself often. In addition I constantly use phrases like “you know, um, or ok” when trying to complete my thoughts. I also need to improve on paying attention to verbal cues. I have the...

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