Communication and Child

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1. How does communication affect relationships with colleagues and carers? For this consider the affect of good communication, bad communication and being unable to communicate.


Communication affects relationships with colleagues and carers in many ways. When we meet new members of staff or carers the way in which we communicate determines the way we build a relationship with that person. If we communicate well with carers other members of staff it enables us to provide the best care for the children as you would be able to discuss openly and honestly to improve the children’s environment, learning opportunities and also your own personal practice to make any changes needed.

However if we communicate badly it puts up barriers and makes certain subjects difficult to discuss and there for the children are not getting the best care possible and can also make people feel uncomfortable and unhappy about coming to work. This can also lead to eventually being unable to communicate which makes work harder for you as you are not getting information or feedback you may need to communicate effectively and give the best possible care.

2. What do you need to consider when you are encouraging communication?


There are many things to consider when we are encouraging communication which are:

• The method we use to communicate. Most of the time we do this face to face however it is not always the best or most suitable for some people to communicate in this way other forms of communication include phone, sign language, letters and memos, emails, reports, makaton, visual images i.e. pictures or photographs and audio/visual recordings.

If however you do choose to communicate using a face to face method you need to consider the environment in which you are communicating as for young people it is best to do this in a comfortable, homely environment where as if you are communicating with an adult this is best done in a quiet place.

You also need to be aware of your proximity i.e. how close you are to the person you are communicating with for example a child or baby who has a close bond to you may prefer to communicate whilst being close but a child who may not know you very well or an adult will probably prefer to have some personal space barriers. Orientation is also important this means where you position your body for example if you are opposite someone , it sends out different messages to what it would give out for you to be at the side of them, and also your posture if you lean forward it shows interest in what the person who is talking to you is saying but if you lean back this could portrait boredom. Also things like touch, physical gesture, body language, facial expression, verbal communication vocabulary, linguistic tone and pitch are all things to be aware of when trying to encourage communication.

3. Identify ways that people’s background can affect the way that we communicate.


Everyone’s background effects the way that they communicate as there are so many ways for it to do so these include

• Culture and family background – This is because in different cultures things as simple as making eye contact can mean different things or just simply down to a difference in language for example someone who speaks another language may need an interpreter or someone who is deaf may need to use sign language.

• Family background- All families have a unique way of communicating with one another for example some households will be loud others will be quiet, some families speak two languages, others just one. This affects the way in which a child will communicate with you but also will affect the way a child will communicate when they become an adult.

• Personality- Personality plays a big part in the way we communicate for example someone who is not very confident in...
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