communication assignment

Topics: Communication, Observation, Education Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Communication Assignment
The Communication Assignment demonstrates observation of and personal use of effective communication in the classroom and whole school setting.

Task 1: Using guidance from course texts, observe and identify examples of communication techniques in the practicum setting. Based on your observations, is communication effective? Why or why not?

This is so important because as a teacher on the dimensions of high school teaching provides powerful evidence of the importance of helping students to organize their time. it is crucial that instructors organize and clearly communicate their expectations to students from the start, especially in terms of assignments, because students need and appreciate the opportunity to manage their time and coursework. This is also critical, simply being clear about what you’re doing and why you are doing it. You need to be able to explain all you give to students and why.

Task 2: Using guidance from course texts, practice effective communication techniques in your practicum setting. For example, arrange with your practicum teacher to greet students as they enter the classroom. How do students respond to communication experiences? Does the location of your interaction influence student response? For example, do students respond differently on the playground or in the cafeteria than they do in the classroom?

Yes is different everywhere for example when I teach a P.E. class immediately when the students come in the basketball gym I say Clap 123 everybody knows they have to clap 3 times and listen to what I have to say. In the classroom it is completely different. When they come in they sit in their chairs, and start their bell work is 5 minutes and they do not get the points daily if they come in late or if they don’t do it that’s 15 points it automatically drops your grade to a B. But I started this from the first day of school know it is a routine they know what they have to do. If there is a visitor...
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