Communication in the Workplace

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Business Communication
Raymond V. Lesikar
Marie E. Flatley
Kathryn Rentz

Chapter One
Communication in the Workplace

Importance of Communication Skills as Expressed by
Business Authorities
 ‘Your message will get lost if it’s not clear, concise, and

high impact! Get to the point quickly, let the recipient
know exactly what you want, and use attentiongrabbing techniques whenever possible.’ --Amy Btterton

 ‘Whenever I see a business document that has

uncorrected typos and other grammatical mistakes, I
wonder whether the author is (a) not very bright or (b)
--Glenda K. Moehlenpah


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Evidence of Communication Weakness in

 ‘I’m surprised how so many people struggle with


--Michael Rook, Production Manager
Hewlett Packard, San Diego, CA

 ‘The first thing the HR Department did was give

me a writing book.’

--Sam Reeves, IT Consultant
AMS, Denver, CO


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Definition of Business Communication

The process by which information is transmitted

between individuals or organizations so that an
understanding response results


Giving, receiving or exchanging information, opinions,
ideas, facts and thoughts by writing, speech, visual means,
so that the material communicated is completely
understood by everyone concerned

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Importance of Communication

Business needs good communicators
– Different research findings support it

To stand out from competition you need

leadership and communication skills

Most people don’t communicate well
– Evidence supports it


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Importance of Communication

Communication skill is number one skill which


– Increase your chances for success,
– Get you ahead,
– Increase your value to business, and
– Reward you more


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Importance for Business
Every part of business needs communication
Your message will get lost if it is not clear
Professionalism can be indentified through the

communication policy
Helps coordinate and manage business activities of

different groups through exchange of information
Enables human beings to work together


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Means of Business Communication
– Speaking
– Writing
– Listening
– Reading



Facial expression
Eye behavior
Gestures and postures
Vocal tone or characteristics
Personal appearance
Touching behavior

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Several Kinds of Literacy !!
Verbal Literacy
– Ability to use words to get things done
Information Literacy
– Ability to find, evaluate, select, and use information
Technological Literacy
– The ability to learn use computer applications
Visual literacy
– Ability to interpret and assess visuals and create visual components for your message


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Success Through Effective Business


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Current Challenges for Business
Ongoing development of new Information

The Increasingly global nature of business
Growing diversity in the Workplace

Understanding laws, customs, and business practices of many
countries and being able to communicate with people who
speak other languages

Team-based organization


Using teams and collaborative work groups to make the fast
decisions required to succeed

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Characteristics of Effective Messages



Factual Basis

and Conciseness




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Communication Barriers
Perception and language
Restrictive environments...
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