Compare and Contrast Between Taylor , Gilbreths, Henry Gantt, and Henry Fayol

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Small business, Business Pages: 3 (452 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Fall 2013 HERE
Due Date: 8/29/13
Name (Print):

1. Major (if undecided, please state undecided):

Business Administration + Hospitality

2. Grade Level (please circle):
Freshman SophomoreJuniorSenior
Other (explain)

2. Is English your primary language (if no, what is)? Where were you born and raised?
No, Arabic, Saudi Arabia

3. Five years from now if you had your ideal job, what would you be doing? Would you be working in a small company, your own company, a company owned by a relative or a large corporation? Explain the rationale for your answer – be specific. Be sure you answer this question as thoroughly as possible. (If you intend to be involved with a “family” business what type of business is it, and in what capacity?)

Well, My ideal job would be to work in large company. I would collect some of my salary .Then I will build small business. Finally I wish that I could grew it up to be large business.

5. What grade would you like to attain in this course? How many hours a week do you plan on reading or studying for this class? Honestly, I would like to get an A, And I will work hard for it. I will study two hours everyday.

6. Publications that I read regularly include:
I have read Steve job book, and sport news paper.

7. Complete the following section if in you have a job or internship while attending school. Where do you work/intern?

Non of them

List the days of the week and hours you work.

8. What will you contribute to this class and how will you participate in creating an environment that is stimulating and respectful of diverse views and experiences?

I will contribute my energy, through involving in the way information is convey and making suggestions. In order to improve class dynamics. I will be respect other opinion.

9. What experiences have you had that will contribute to the...
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