compare the characteristics of two successful entrepreneurs

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How do you define successful entrepreneur? According to Scott Gerber, the founder of The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), successful entrepreneur is defined as follows, “I am definitely not using a number to decide whether I am as a successful entrepreneur or not. If success is referring to the monetary figure, it is relatively a minor part in describing one big picture." ( Ruby 2012). Undoubtedly, an entrepreneur’s success is mainly depend on the qualities he practiced instead of the amount of money he has. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the two successful entrepreneurs that nominated as the world’s top entrepreneurs in SUCCESS business magazine ( Ocker 2013). Both of them share the similar qualities or characteristics that they are highly self-motivated and having the creative leadership skills .

Body paragraph 1
I. Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are highly self-motivated which lead to ultimate success in their life.

Sub point A: Bill Gates is very passionate about his ideas and he works hard to achieve his target.

Evidence 1: Bill Gates’s company, Microsoft has a philosophy that Microsoft aims to has its software running on every disk in every computer at home. Bill’s first achievement is the development of BASIC, a new programming language for the Altair computer, the first commercially successful personal computer in market (Collins 2011).

Evidence 2: Then, Bill leads his employees to the greatest breakthrough of Microsoft which is the development of MS-DOM for IBM and hence gain the opportunity of entering the international market in computer software (Collins 2011).

Sub point B: Steve Jobs enjoys challenges and has the sheer determination and confidence of solving the obstacles that confront him.

Evidence 1: In 1985, Jobs resigned as Apple’s CEO under the pressure of the Apple’s shareholders because several launched Apple products after Apple II had attributed to a great loss to the company (Isaacson 2013).

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