Topics: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Video game, Sleep deprivation Pages: 7 (1931 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The Harmful Effects on
Physical and Mental Health of Excessive Use of Computer
for the Freshmen Students of ICCT Cainta Branch

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Subject Writing in the Discipline



A.Y. 2012

The generation of today is more into computer games rather than physical activities and it is evident in our community. As we all know, physical activities are essential to us especially us youths. As the technology advances it’s changing our way of life bit by bit. From the youngsters who usually run around outside playing physical games now opt for modern games in the form of computers or consoles and they then eventually turn into gamers. The term “gamer” is composed of several subgroups such as casual gamer, mid-core gamer, hardcore gamer and pro-gamer. Most of the gamers prefer computers. Originally computers are only used in offices, companies, etc. but the computer evolved dramatically from business to entertainment, leisure, etc. and as we all know computer is now a necessity. Most of the computer users are gamers. Gamers spend a lot of time in front of a computer. But most of them don’t know or simply ignore the harmful effects of this addicting hobby to a user’s health. This study is to spread awareness about the unhealthy effects of abusive and excessive use of computer gaming.

Statement of the problem
The case study conducted by the authors is for the readers to know the different effects of excessive and abusive computer gaming; therefore it must have a set of surveys and interviews to be conducted. This includes the people who are considered to be a gamer within the specified place and time. The study must also discuss the unusual behavior, attitude, and mind-set of a typical “gamer”. Since most part of the study requires the opinion, point of view and judgment of the people, the authors must consider the validity, strength, and legitimacy of every information gathered.  This study sought to evaluate the different factor that causes ICCT Cainta Freshmen Students addiction to computer games. The researchers prepared some of the following questions:

1. How many Freshmen student of ICCT Cainta are addicted to computer games?
2. What are the signs that would let us know if a student is addicted or not?

    3. What may happen to students if they cannot overcome their addiction to computer games?

Significance of the study
With this case study the authors will provide the necessary data, facts, and figures for the readers to have a better understanding of harmful effects of computer gaming to a person’s health, mental condition, and fitness. Hopefully with this knowledge “gamers” can avoid the bad effects of prolonged gaming. This may also help them think of a solution to balance both their physical and virtual life. Be able to achieve a good physical and mental condition with a healthy lifestyle and still keep their reputation of being a gamer.

This study is designed to prove that computer addiction has unhealthy effects on both physical and mental health of the users.

This study aims to aware the “gamers” about the unhealthy effects of computer gaming and to help them think of a solution to balance their physical and virtual life.

Scope and Limitations
This study covers the unhealthy effects of excessive computer gaming physically and mentally. We will not discussed about the social and financial effects of excessive computer gaming.

The Authors gathers relevant data’s and information’s and compiles them in order to analyze them and arrive at a more complete understanding on the harmful effects of computer gaming. The Authors prepare questions to obtain additional informations:

Ever since the Computer was introduced in 1971, video games have become more and more realistic and life-like....

References: Anderson, CA, & Bushman, B,J (2002) Media Violence and social Science, 296, 2377-2378
Lahneman, D
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