Computer Rental/Services Industry

Topics: Internet, Capital letter, Capital accumulation Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The Computer Rental/Services Industry is a good investment for it has a good range of target market specially teens. According to my observations the internet café is one of the best businesses in the country, because it doesn’t require sizeable investments and can quickly be able to recover its capital. Based on what I have read on the feasibility, I think and agreed to myself that the proposed JL'S Internet Café will be successful due to its location, since they would build it in front of the ISU Angadanan Campus and its low price rental per hour. It will surely be a hit since it doesn’t have any existing competition along the vicinity. The target market consists of professors and primarily students who consequently perform their research, project, book report, thesis, assignment and feasibility study. It is the only nearest internet café at their school and with complete facilities, spacious seats, air conditioned and have fast internet that their costumers would be looking for. But there is a little wrong in their feasibility study; simply because of the overpriced choice of Xerox machine, surely they did not put an effort on canvasing their equipment and materials that would really lessen their capital for about 20 percent. And based on my computations they overestimated their annual net gains, they didn’t considered the annual loss since their primary target market are the students who wouldn’t be there on summer and vacations. The data on their feasibility are incomplete and inaccurate, clearly they didn’t studied and reviewed it on such many times until they all made or reach a consensus before and compiled it.
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