Contingency Plan

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Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan
Tonya Starks
December 8, 2014
Instructor: Braford James

Apple Inc. is a global innovator of the MacBook, tablets, iPhones, iPods, and other innovative products. Apple is the leader in the electronic market sector for innovative product growth and development. The implementation plan will explain the strategic controls and contingency plan for the organization along with an implementation process. This will allow Apple to assess risks and financial forecasts that will be utilized on the basis of repositioning the organization brand.

Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans
Organizational plan
Apple Inc. is one of the most successful organizations in the world. The heighten anticipation from consumers when they launch new products proves they are one of the most visible brand names in the world. Apple Inc. success is attributed to the visionary leadership of former chief executive Steve Job and the strategic plan of emphasizing on developing new products. Implementation plan

Apple Inc.’s success is attributed to the visionary leadership of former chief executive Steve Jobs and the strategic plan of emphasizing developing new products. Apple Inc. is in a transitional phase at this time, following the demise of Steve Jobs, and looking for techniques that will allow the organization to recapture market share. This implementation plan is mainly worried about how to diversify the products presented, recapture customer loyalty, and remain the trailblazer in the mobile market. The plan focus on the following areas: short-term objectives, initiate specific functional tactics, outsource nonessential functions and design an effective reward. Objectives:

To increase sales to consumers who currently do not own Apple’s products. To produce hassle free phone, tablet, or any other electronic product for the enjoyment of their consumer. To be the leader in the Electronic market sector.

Increasing the organization’s distribution chain to reach more consumers. Invest more in Research and Development.
To be the leader in the mobile market sector. 
Functional tactics
Functional tactics are detailed statements of the “means” or activities that will be used by a company to achieve short-term objectives and establish competitive advantage (Pearce &Robinson 2014). Management understands that their involvement is required for the successful implementation of functional tactics. The Research & Development department is important to the success of any product. R&D will control how one uses new technology to improve existing or future products. The Research & Development department also helps to determine which features are valuable to consumers who will mainly use the retailer’s products. Marketing operates in combination with the Research & Development to determine how to keep current customers while seeking their competitions customers. Organizations also understand that the Finance Department plays a major roles in ensuring that expected costs do not surpass company assets. Action items

The purpose of the action items is identify the customers’ needs and make it profitable for the organization. Organizations understand that the customer is the main focus in the success of an action item. A successful implementation plan ensures staff have an adequate amount of resources and raw materials which allows them to be creative and innovative. The Research and Development department plays an important role developing new action items and technology that will allow the company to compete against other technology or electronic companies. While the marketing department will concentrate on implementing ideas to attract new customers. Milestones and a deadline

Milestones for an organization must be attainable. The main two milestones will begin instantaneously. The company will focus on...

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