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Construct a Presentation Form

General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: At the end of my presentation, my audience will how apple started and where it is now.

I. Attention Getter: To show how many people all over the world have a apple product. (Map)

II. Audience Relation: Ask my classmates how many of you own an apple…...(pause) product and what they are.

III. Central Idea: Today I will show to you how apple Inc has develop or in other words apples history along the years

IV. Preview: show the best know products from apple

Transition: Now let’s get started

I. 1st main point: the start of apple and its early years

A. Support: 1975 – Steve Wozniak was working for Hewlett Packard (calculator manufacturers) by day and was a computer hobbyist by night. He realized that the prices of some computer parts had gotten so low he could buy them himself. Decided to work with fellow hobbyist Steve Jobs to build their own computer>

B. Support: On 4/1/1976 – released the Apple I (for $666) and started Apple Computers. Had 8 KB of RAM.

Transition: “you may ask what they did after that”.

I. 2nd main point: Show many other products that apple made

A. Support Apple III
Released May 1980
Had 128K of RAM
Designed for businesses – expensive!! > $4300!!!
Had lots of problems – didn’t do well..
Support B. Apple Lisa Released in 1983
Became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI. Aimed at large businesses Commercial failure due to high price tag (almost $10,000) and limited software it could run Transition: Now let’s go to the generation that we might know more about

I. 3rd main point: Various other Apple efforts
A. Support: In 1987 – 2001
Macintosh (desktops)
PowerBooks (laptops)

B. Support: 1997 – Steve Jobs announced that Apple would join Microsoft to release new versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac 1997 – Apple introduced the Apple Store...

References: (at least 3)
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