Country Road Research

Topics: Citation, APA style, Reference Pages: 4 (857 words) Published: August 3, 2013
The Australian National University Research School of Accounting & Business Information Systems BUSN7008 Financial Statements & Reporting Group Assignment Semester 1, 2013 Total Marks: 100

Due Date: 5pm Friday, 17th May 2013 Suggested Length: 3,000 words (not including references, and appendices)

Submission: l Assignments are to be submitted with an RSABIS Assignment Cover sheet attached to the front page (available from the school office or course website). All members of the group MUST sign the cover sheet for the assignment. STUDENTS THAT DO NOT SIGN A COVER SHEET WILL BE ASSUMED TO HAVE MADE NO CONTRIBUTION TO THAT ASSIGNMENT AND WILL RECEIVE NO MARKS FOR IT; l All Assignments must be prepared on A4 paper, single-sided, typewritten or word-processed (no handwriting), and should not be submitted in plastic cover sheets/ folders. Simply staple the assignment at the top left-hand corner; l Place assignments in the assignment slot under the counter of the ABIS office by 5pm on the due date. All assignments are cleared, sorted and date-stamped at 5pm on the due date; l Do not hand your assignment to your lecturer or tutor; l Late assignments will attract a penalty in increments as stated in the unit outline; l Email or faxed assignments will not be accepted.

Instructions: This assignment is to be completed by students working in groups, normally comprising two to five individuals. It is important that group members begin to meet and collect information about the chosen company early as possible. 1

Groups are required to: · Your team of financial analysts is employed by an investment bank that has been engaged by an institutional client to analyse and report on a target company for a potential investment in the target company of 10 percent of equity. The client is looking at an investment horizon of three years. Assume that each member in your group is employed by Wealthy Funds management in the Analysis Division. The firm is considering a long-term...
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