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A Few Final Suggestions for the Course Project

Use the section headings in this guide as subtitles for your project. It makes it easier for the reader to find all of the elements of your project. Use this guide as a checklist. Make sure that each item is included and is located in the right place. This will ensure that you don’t leave things out, and it will make reviewing your drafts and your final project much easier. Review the project grading rubric posted in Doc Sharing.

Review the literature review guidelines below.
Literature Review Guidelines

A literature review is a written discussion of published or unpublished research, commentary, and information on a topic. The literature refers to books, journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, company records and documents, and even personal interviews with knowledgeable industry conflict resolution experts.

Your task is to search the management and conflict resolution literature to (1) discover the most common underlying causes of the type of conflict symptoms you have uncovered and (2) discover the various solutions to conflict resolution that may apply to your particular situation. You should supply some commentary on what you find. Don’t just describe what’s written in the six articles. You should talk about the concepts, ideas, or insights that have the most value for helping you make sense of your project. Which theories can you use? Which writers say something of value, and why? Which models are the most helpful, and why? You should cite at least six sources in addition to the course text (six is B-level work; A-level work would cite more). You must use the author-date citation system described in Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook . Although newspaper articles can be excellent sources of information, it’s important that not all of your citations be newspaper articles. You should access articles in management and conflict resolution journals as well. A good place to start your...

Citations: and references: In the body of your paper, and possibly in the introduction and conclusion, you will be using references from other sources (e.g., words, thoughts, ideas, definitions, etc.). It is very important that you cite your references in the body of your paper using proper citation format. Also, for every citation that is in the body of your paper, there should be a corresponding mention on the reference page. This reference should also be in proper format.
Always, always, always carefully proofread and check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your paper.
Thank you, and please feel free to ask questions!
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