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Evaluation Breakdown

Exam #120% Thursday, February 13
Exam #220%Thursday, April 3
Exam #320%UNT

To Calculate your grade use the following formula:
[Exam 1*.20] + [Exam 2*.20] + [Exam 3*.20]+ [Paper*.30] + [Participation*.10]= Final Grade

Research Paper

In class we will focus on four (4) themes of Canadian politics. They are: 1)ethnic cleavages
3)proximity to the United States
4)Peace, Order, and Good Government (POGG)

Write a paper focusing on one of these themes. The paper should begin by discussing the theme in general. The remainder of the paper should highlight an example that illustrates the relevance of this theme in Canadian politics.

The paper will be turned in as an e-mail in Word, but it should still conform to regular conventions. The paper should be ten (10) pages, double-spaced, with 1 inch (1”) margins. The paper must have proper documentation of all source material. (This includes citations in the text and references in a bibliography page.) For those not used to footnotes, end notes, parenthetical citation, etc., please refer to a writer’s style manual to assist you. Your citations and references should conform to an accepted format. As a general rule (and only a general rule), there ought to be about 3 references per page of text. The final bibliography should include several books and several journal articles. Journal articles are those drawn from academic periodicals. Use of newspapers, news magazines, etc. should be used only as factual verification in describing your example. Printed materials may be supplemented by electronic sources, but electronic sources should not be used to the exclusion of printed materials. Citations for electronic sources should include the URL, the title of the specific page of that site, the author (individual or group where known), and the date. Current style manuals will also provide examples of how to cite electronic materials....
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