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Death of a

Lucy in the sky of diamonds the words of a man that changed the music world forever the death of John Lennon shook the whole world and no one ever expected it. He was a man who encouraged people all over the world to just be themselves and to follow their dreams…

The next big death was a man who had the power to surprise over and over again he was no other than Steve Jobs the owner of one of the biggest software companies in the world apple inc. These 2 men are worlds apart and yet their deaths had an equal impact on society.

They where ordinary people who did extra ordinary things John Lennon never knew how to read a note in his life and yet produced magic. Steve Jobs did not have a collage degree and he invented one of the worlds greatest mobile phones and notebooks. And jobs inventions are still reaching out to be the best ever all because he left a legacy behind in his company to be the best it can be.

The death of any person has an impact somewhere on someone. Some bigger than others. But we can remember those people for what they have done for example Steve Jobs had the power to surprise with his inventions and no one will forget him for that and he left a legacy behind that encourages people all around the world to be like him and just. . . surprise.

That is the point I want to make today… It is not about what who you are, but what you leave behind for people to remember about you.

John Lennon told us before he died “just be thankful I don’t take it all” and we should be, there is always something that we can remember about that person…

“I read the news today oh boy about a lucky man who made the grave” those were also the words of John Lennon and it can mean that the death is not final and there is something better waiting for us…
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