Developing the Introduction and Literature Review for a Research Study

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DEVELOPING THE INTRODUCTION AND LITERATURE REVIEW FOR A RESEARCH STUDY (Source: Unknown) The basic points to be included in the literature review are: What is the problem or issue being addressed? Why is this problem or issue important? What do we presently know about this problem or issue from the existing literature? What research is presently needed regarding this problem or issue? What is the research question or hypothesis to be addressed in the present study?

Principle 1: Select a topic with an accessible knowledge base. Remember that you need to have enough literature on the problem to propose a research study (you need to use at least 7 “research” articles in your paper) Principle 2: Develop a first draft of an outline of the literature review before you begin writing. Take notes as you do literature review (write down topics and themes you identify) Begin with a draft Review if it logically follows and address all the questions asked in the guideline. Principle 3: Divide the literature review into sections with sub-headings. Each subheading represents a topic related to the problem. How many and what headings you use depend on your judgment. Principle 4: Use a reference format consistently throughout your paper. Use APA format. It is a good idea to use a reference program. RefWorks is now free for all UMB students and faculty. Principle 5: Use direct quotes sparingly. Be very careful with use of direct quotes. Principle 6: Establish the authority behind what you say. Any factual statement should be supported by a reference and cited. Principle 7: Stay focused and be clear about what you say. Report and discuss only what are relevant in your proposed study. Present your points clearly and logically Principle 8: Demonstrate your contribution. It is your knowledge and skills that make your paper a convincing and well-developed paper. Principle 9: Avoid lengthy paragraphs. In general, one paragraph should be limited to one idea/topic....
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