Topics: Reference, Citation, Writing Pages: 4 (707 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Business School

Module: Employability Skills
Code: UGB 116

Assessment Element 4: FINAL REPORT
(40 Module marks)
Submit on LiveCampus on 22 July, 2013

( This assignment covers the following skills learning outcomes, taken from the Module Guide: S9, S11, K3, S6, S7))

You are to write a report (1500 words) which considers BOT H of the following 2 sections: a) Research you have carried out on a career/ job of your choice. (20 marks). (Tip: you may wish to use the ‘Career Pie’ model as a framework for your discussion.) b) Analysis of your present skills and how these compare with those required for your chosen career/job. (20 marks). (Tip: you might also reflect how you might improve these skills in years 2 and 3 at university).

Your research should include the following:-

Journal Articles
Websites/ Web References

As part of the report process you are expected to cite books AND journal articles AND web-based information ALL correctly referenced within the main body of the essay and listed in full at the end of the essay under ’List of References.’

Your report should be written in a recognised academic format, including the following:

Module Code
Module Title
Title of Assignment
Module Leader’s Name
Your name (Family name underlined)
Your Student Number
Date of Submission

• INTRODUCTION ( you may use this or other introductory heading) • MAIN BODY OF ESSAY IN SECTIONS (A) AND (B) (You will need to use your own sub-headings. You may use a numbering system if you wish). • CONCLUSION (you are not asked for recommendations)

• LIST OF REFERENCES (using Cite them right and HARVARD system) • APPENDICES

• All general typeface should be 12 point Times New Roman or 11 pt Arial. • Main ‘A’ headings should be 14 pt bold.
• ‘B’ subheadings should be 12 pt bold
• If used, numbering should not go beyond 3 numbers – eg 2.3.1 • You should use...
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