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Compare and contrast the use of hardware and software routers and explain which you are more likely to consider utilizing and why. A hardware router has the ability to accept multiple network cards. The level of support varies from providing just connectivity to providing advanced features like full-blown filter tables. Software router is a term denoting a computer or a PC designated to do the task of routing packets between networks. I would most likely consider utilizing software router because real hardware routers are costly, in most cases costlier than an average PC.

Eng discuss 1
•Identify the specific demographic factors you should consider about the audience members of the organization for your report and presentation. •Explain how you will go about analyzing the audience and whether the audience profile would be a factor in the successfulness of your speech. •Describe what you believe you can do as a speaker to respond to the audience’s listening goals.

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•Identify the type of outline and/or speaking notes you would prefer to use for your speech and explain why

Eng Assignment 5.1: Report - Draft Version

Write a formal justification report to an organization making a recommendation to implement a particular product, service, or program. The organization may have a business, governmental, professional, or social focus. The report may focus on a “real” or “made-up” recommendation, but you should direct the report to an actual organization, even if you do not plan to actually submit the report. The audience within the organization will be whatever level is most appropriate to make a decision on the topic of your report. Write a minimum of 4-6 single-spaced report pages (not including the table of contents, transmittal form, executive summary, or title page). 1.Organize the reports by section headings.

2.The report should contain relevant and applicable graphics (at least one). 3.The findings should be based on...
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