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Using words: verbal communication

3.2 Clarity: using plain English
Plain English is a term used to describe clear, concise use of the English language that avoids unnecessary jargon or complication. The use of plain English is essential for effective written and spoken communication that takes place in organisations. It is often tempting to elaborate or extend the text, in order to provide additional information. Consequently, the communicator is always required to focus attention on the most important points, and to cut back any superfluous language. Plain English forces you to think more clearly about the content of the message, including the central arguments that are being developed. Using fewer words

Writers often find it difficult to believe that their text is open to further editing. There are three main techniques for shortening an existing draft.
Writers can remove fillers, hedges or redundant words. Fillers such as, of course are fine to use in conversation as they give you some extra time to think about what you say, but they can be omitted without affecting the message. The writer needs to replace any long-windes word groups with shorter noun groups. Long word groups can be a sign of insecurity on the part of the writer or speaker. People try to compensate for their lack of confidence in the message content by expressing it in grandiose terms. You can also switch from passive to active voice. The original address is written entirely in the 'passive' voice. This means that it takes the form 'object-verb-subject', rather than the active form, 'subject-verb-object'.
Using 'pictures' if possible
There is a popular saying that 'A picture paints a thousand words'. This is true of many organisational messages, where it is more effective to substitute images for spoken or written words. The term 'picture' can be interpreted very loosely for this purpose.

3.3 Style, grammar, presentation

Organisations often use...
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