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Topics: Pixar, Steve Jobs, John Lasseter Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Lasseter left Disney with disappointment but true to the documentary’s motif`, he persevered on with his concept, and eventually met up with 2 other men, who believed in him; the creative scientists, Ed Catmull and the visionary entrepreneur, Steve Jobs. Together, they aggrandized the concept of computer-animation and worked together to revolutionize the animation industry itself, thus creating Pixar Animation Studio.

Once Pixar was created as an animation-studio, they faced many hurdles, one hurdle being bankruptcy. Iwerks successfully, allows the audience to gain an insight into the adversities Pixar faced as a young company by using diegetic-music and insightful interviews with Steve Jobs and various Directors of Disney. By doing this she is able to portray a sense of grief which the company felt initially and it again testifies that to reach success, you must be resilient and persevere.

Steve Jobs, the investor at the time truly believed in this studio, despite the problems they faced, Jobs kept investing to keep the studio alive. To help Pixar, get out of strife, Lasseter conceived an ambitious idea; he wanted to create the first full-length computer-animated film ever, called Toy Story. Pixar successfully approached Disney studios with their proposal and were contracted. Toy story, Pixar’s 1st film, turned out to be a major success and prevailed at the box-office globally, thus kick-starting of Pixar’s animation career and the Disney-Pixar relationship.

After the success of Toy Story, Pixar released numerous hits, all becoming major box office hits commercially, but what attributed to their success was the message and morals in every movie and as John Lasseter put it: “Their ability to connect to a wide range of audience such as kids and adults.”

Iwerks beautifully depicts not only the enthralling and whimsical world of Pixar, but more so as to why they became such a success, and why we still enjoy their films. The Pixar story is a...
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