Does Apple Need “a Great Man”?

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Store, Genius Bar Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Does Apple need “a great man”?
After the death of Steve Jobs, management experts are wondering whether Apple will survive without Steve Jobs or not? This issue is also considered in the “InsideApple: Can It Thrive Without Steve?” article, published on the Forbes’ webpage where commentaries on the book of Adam Lashinsky “InsideApple” are provided. This article describes the aspects of the book regarding successful implementation of the “radical management system” by Apples’ incomparable leadership guru Steve Jobs. The article states that the author of the book, Lashinsky, based on the theory of organizations development, predicts an early death of Apple explaining that the company has entered the “path to senescence and death”. In turn, the author of the article, Steve Denning, specifies that “Apple’s future, therefore, depends on understanding the management principles Steve Jobs used to make it successful, while also recognizing his shortcomings. Those principles are eminently replicable business practices that, once understood, any firm can implement. It does not require “a great man”. Is it real that “any firm can implement” and does not require “a great man”? Does not Apple need Steve Jobs? When the “great guru” was fired in 1985, the situation in the company was not good enough; however, everything has changed since his return in 1997 and implementation of the strategy, which is still quite successful. Thus, CNBC reports that “Apple shares are up more than 20 percent year to date. With its price hovering near $500, the company’s valuation is now about $460 billion — roughly $8 billion more than the market caps percent of Google ($198 billion) and Microsoft ($257 billion) combined”. What was it then? Was Steve Jobs a born for Apple Genius, Leader indeed? According to the various studies about genius, traits of genius are as following: vision, desire, planning, creativity, flexibility. The person who is even slightly familiar with the notion of leadership...
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