Donna Dubinsky And Apple Computers

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Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computers, Inc.

Why was Dubinsky initially successful at Apple?

Donna Dubinsky was initially successful at Apple because she projected a lot of confidence and conviction in her beliefs. Donna was a decision maker who battle for procedure. Donna was focused primarily on her caring and honest relationships with her subordinates. Donna was aggressive with her convictions; she pushed hard for an interview with Apple and received an offer only after pointing out that they would never find another Harvard MBA that wanted to work in customer service. Donna took advantage of every opportunity with to advance at Apple through her direct and hard-nosed style. Donna’s individual performance was impressive. She was able to deliver results and her groups performed well on key metrics. Apple was the perfect place for Donna since being a young company light on formality that underwent frequent reorganizations. Apple’s fast growth, loose organization, and corporate culture allowed Donna to make decisions “above her pay grade” and thus demonstrate her ability to perform at higher levels of responsibility. Place yourself in Dubinsky’s position. Why did she respond the way she did to the JIT proposal? Donna could never understand why the JIT proposal was even being discussed. She didn’t see any problems in the distribution area, and thought this was a cost cutting measure by Jobs because the Mackintosh division was underperforming. Donna never understood why the reins had been taking from her hands in the first place and given to the taskforce. Donna viewed this as a direct attack on her job and remarked “I didn’t know why there should be a taskforce at all. Distribution’s our job”. In her mind everything was working so well. There was no problem to solve. What do you think she should have done differently and why? Be specific. Donna did not respond to the JIT proposal in her usually calm and confident manner. Donna felt personally attached by this...
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