Dysfunctional Conflict

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If you could just get rid of Carol Brown and Bruce Ford all the causes of any dysfunctional conflict (in the local government team) would disappear.

Write an essay saying whether you agree or disagree with the above statement. (You could also partially agree and partially disagree with the above statement). Use the conflict model in your text book pages 400 – 8 to support your response to the above statement.

What theory should you use?

You must refer to theory in the text on the conflict process model pages 400 – 8. In addition read the parts of the text that relate to the following learning objectives

*define conflict

*differentiate between the traditional, interactionist and managed-conflict views of conflict

*contrast task, relationship and process conflict

*outline the conflict process

*describe the five conflict-handling intentions

While it is anticipated that you will focus primarily on theory related to conflict you can use additional theory. All the theory you use must be relevant to your response to the essay stimulus statement and add value to your paper You have a very tight word limit. Be very careful in deciding what you include and exclude from your an essay.

In addition to the text you are required to find and cite within your essay a minimum of four (4) sources for this assignment and at least three (3) of the sources you use should have been published in the last five (5) years.

You can of course cite more than four (4) sources, in your essay. Also, of course while three (3) of the sources you use must be published within the last five (5) years, the remaining sources can be from any date period.

The sources you use must be peer-reviewed journal articles or text books. Private web pages such as pages of study notes from other university courses are not acceptable.

How should your reference the theory that you use?

Use Harvard AGPS in-text referencing throughout your essay. You can refer...
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