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ESSAY (15%) - The Link between Unemployment & the real GDP

Introduction to Economics, Winter 2013

Goal of the Essay

Your objective, as an economist, is to explain why the unemployment rate can be used as a tool to assess the economic health of a country. You must assume that your audience has never taken any economics courses. Therefore, while you clarify the direct but opposite link between the level of the real GDP and the unemployment rate, you must also define the concepts used.

Said differently, the question that you will try to answer is the following: Is there a direct but opposite link between the Gross Domestic Product and the unemployment rate?

As a true social scientist, you must back up your claims with data. Thus, you will present data on the real Gross Domestic Product from Statistic Canada’s website. You will also summarize and cite two articles on the state of unemployment during the latest Canadian recession. One article must be written in French and the other in English.


Due date: Friday, April 26th, at the teacher’s office (5D.26) between 12 and 4pm

Policy on being late|The instructor will deduct 10% of the grade on the first day following the deadline. Hence, you will have to send my MIO the essay on Saturday, before 4pm. The essay will NOT BE ACCEPTED afterwards.|

·Individual work
·750 to 1000 words (without the bibliography)
·The number of words must be indicated (word count)
·Times New Roman, 12 points; 1.5 line-space; justify
·A List of References must be included at the end of your work ·A copy of the articles must be handed in with your work
·A copy of the webpage where you retrieved the data (on Statistic Canada’s website) ·Quality of English:
·Absence of grammar and/or spelling mistakes
·Clear sentences
·One idea for one paragraph (with indents at the beginning of paragraphs) ·Indents at the beginning of paragraphs
·Absence of popular terms: “I write like I speak”
·Present tense (as much as possible)
·Written at the third person: Do not use personal references in your writing. ·For the essay, you must provide appropriate linking terms (bridges) such as ‘Firstly’, ‘Secondly’, ‘On one side’, etc.) at the beginning of paragraphs so that the text shows a certain continuity. ·Abbreviations can be used once the expression has been written, followed by its abbreviations in brackets. For example: ‘The growth rate of the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been increasing in the past year. This real GDP is….’ ·Do not use contractions.

·Spelling and grammatical errors (including abbreviations and contractions) will be penalized up to a maximum deduction of 10% of the paper’s value.

Other Matters of Form

·Plagiarism is forbidden and will give you a grade of zero. ·Citations are expected, using the APA style.

As stated in the Course Outline, page 6:
If a student is caught plagiarizing, the work will be given a zero grade and the student will be reported to the Dean’s office, as per College policy. Context

You must explain in an essay the latest Canadian recession and analyze one of its consequences, unemployment. As it is not an editorial, you cannot present your opinion: The paper will be written at the third person and will only display facts.


There are four parts to this assignment:

·Section 1 – The Content Matrix
·Section 2 – The Essay
·Section 3 – The List of References
·Section 4 – The Data & the Articles

·Section 1 – The Content Matrix

This Content Matrix is a table that lists the paragraphs of your paper. Moreover, it will present the key ideas of each paragraph of your essay.

It will have the form below. It will include key ideas and when needed, it will also present sources, page numbers and quotes (or paraphrases). Said differently, it is the Content Matrix could be seen as...
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