Electrical Engineering Research Paper

Topics: Electronic engineering, Electrical engineering, Engineering Pages: 7 (1962 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Electrical & Electronics Engineers Project Outline

A. The Basis of my future career.
History & Nature of Work (Duties)
A. Electrical & Electronics beginning and effects on daily life. B. What does Electrical & Electronics Engineers do?
Preparation and Training
A. Basic courses for both electrical and electronics.
1. College Programs-Computer architecture, switching theory, and computer design. 2. Electrical Programs- Mathematics and science more than technology and technician programs. B. What should you try to learn early before College and what should you decide to do in college. 1.In High school you should take classes in mathematics, physical sciences, physics, and chemistry. 2. Starting point for careers.

C. Tools and Equipment Needed
1. Technicians work with hand tools.
2. Understanding blueprints as well as engineering hand books. Work Environment
A. Where do they work?
B. Where must they live, is travel a part of work.
A. Range of Earnings
1. Starting Salary
2. Earning Factors.
B. How does education determine earnings or change your salary. 1. Bachelors Degree(basic)
2. Years of Experience
Positive and Negative Aspects
A. Future Outlook of job
1. Work Study
2. Technology Advances
Personal Perspectives (Interview)
A. Good Aspects
B. A Lifelong Career

Electrical and electrics are concerned with the production and use of electricity . They are members of the largest branch of engineering.(Career Information Center) The focus of electrical engineers is on the generation and supply of power, and the focus of electronics engineers is on applications of electricity to control systems or signal processing.(Career Information Center) Electrical and electronics engineering had their true beginnings in the 19th century. In 1800, Alexander Volta made a discovery that opened a door to the science of electricity. He found that electricity current could be harnessed and made to flow.(Careers In Focus: Engineering pg.46)

The Work of electrical and electronics engineers touches almost every niche of lives. Think of the the things around you that have been designed, manufactured, maintained, or in any other way affected by electrical energy: lights in a room, cars on the road, televisions, stereo systems, telephones, your doctor's blood pressure reader, computers. (Careers In Focus: Engineering pg.55) Much of the work of electronics engineering technicians involves troubleshooting. They test circuits and parts to find out why a piece of equipment is not working properly.(Career Information Center) Design and testing are only two of several categories in which electrical and electronics engineers may find their niche. Others include research and development, production, field service, sales, marketing, and teaching. In addition, even within each category these are divisions of labor.(Career In Focus: Engineering pg.58) In either branch of electrical and electronic engineering, engineers work in a wide range of jobs. Many work in research, development, and design. These engineers come up with the ideas and plans for new equipment and methods for improvements in existing equipment and methods.(Career Information Center) They perform a variety of tasks to assist the engineers, such as assembling and testing experimental electrical parts or making changes in parts according to an engineer's instructions. They may also prepare wiring diagrams, layout drawings, or engineering specifications for new equipment. Because electrical and electronics engineering is such a diverse field, there are numerous divisions and departments within which engineers work. In fact the discipline reaches nearly every other field of applied science and technology.(Career In Focus: Engineering pg.57) Electronics engineering is a sub field of electrical engineering and both types of engineers are often referred to as electrical...
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