English 28

Topics: Writing, Citation, Parenthetical referencing Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: September 7, 2012
What do you expect to get out of this class
I am a college student that is taking English 28 which is  a valuable time to learn what the rest of my college career is going to be like as far as writing is concerned. During this class I will learn the invaluable writing process of how to express ideas using various writing styles and be expected to work hard be on time, turn in assignments on time and put forth effort from the very beginning. The types of writing I can prepare to learn about is the various styles of writing in my English course such as persuasive essays research papers, argumentative styles,commentaries and humor are examples of writing styles that are included in college English classes. From these writing styles I will analyze and dissect the main parts of an essay like the opening and closing. The process if writing has focal points about the writing process. Formulating a topic or idea for a presentation, rough draft, writing, editing and finalizing my work are all part if this process. That are in my daily and weekly assignments, I will be expected to complete these parts if the writing process to enhance my writing and knowledge. I will be able hopefully to identify specific writing styles. When writing research papers and other writing assignments is the excellence and quality of college english courses. I should expect to do research paper in the library, use online resources, drafting serval versions of research papers and edit them to produce a final paper. I expect to write five hundred words or more essay also it will prepare me for future writing assignments in other course as well. Part of being in an English course i am expected to do peer review. Just as I learn how to edit my own paper during this course, I will be responsible for others' papers as well. I will also learn how to decipher various parts of others' writing styles is what I believe peer review is all about, testing my knowledge of the writing process as well as...
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