English 79 Essay on Role Models

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English 79

Role Models

Some humans feel that “people such as entertainers and athletes are ideal role models for young people.” I disagree with that. In fact, I feel the opposite is true. I have seen many cases where young people end up in all sorts of trouble because they where imitating something that an entertainer or athlete did. People such as entertainers and athletes are poor role models for young people.

To begin with, entertainers and athletes usually live immoral lives. Even if their mouths are not polluted with foul language, their actions are unwholesome. An example who comes to mind is Barry Bonds, who took drugs to improve his sports performance. Other athletes take drugs to improve their physical appearance. This is a horrible example for young people. Similarly, many entertainers they too are morally unclean. It seems like every other day I hear about an entertainer who has a drug or alcohol problem. You can read about all of their slip-ups in the newspaper. Their various problems are also portrayed by the media. Sometimes movies are made about their addictions. Songs have been written about their very risqué lifestyles. Both of these cases prove that athletes and entertainers usually live immoral lives.

Moreover, entertainers and athletes usually do not have a satisfying, nor life-long career. They may become outdated or out of style, or they may get hurt. For instance, entertainers usually don’t have a long career, because they get replaced. A younger generation is brought into the spot light, and the older generation is pushed out of the spot light. Similarly trends change so frequently, that what was once popular before is now out of style. With that comes the challenge of pleasing people’s demand for the newest, and the best. All of that would make me want to end my career too. Likewise, athletes face numerous physical problems causing harm to their bodies. Many break bones, or injure themselves beyond the...
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