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Topics: Metaphor, Poetry, Simile Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: September 6, 2014
Journey Essay

By: Jordan White

A journey is when one has experienced a dramatic transition in their life, which as a direct result has changed them physically, mentally or emotionally. Throughout Peter Skrzynecki’s poetry, he expresses all types of journeys during his childhood and how he, through very few words in his poems, dealt emotionally with these alterations. In the poems “Crossing the Red Sea”, “Immigrants at Central Station” and “Leaving Home” Skrzynecki explores the use of poetic techniques through his poems such as metaphors, repetition, and similes giving the reader a sense of the challenges he encountered or was about to encounter. In my related text, “Castaway” by Robert Zemeckis it discovers the difficulty of sticking to your physical journey while balancing the inner struggle (journey). It also shows how Tom Hanks (Chuck Noland) deals with the different obstacles that he is to face on the island alone through the use of a variety of film techniques.

In the poem “Crossing the Red Sea” Peter Skrzynecki looks into the physical journey one another goes through when one is forced to move up and out due to violence in their home countries. The immense change was not planned or necessarily wanted, and the fear of what may lie ahead may be just as daunting as the life they left behind. When the immigrants are” look[ing] for shorelines” they are showing a sign of desperation to get off the boat and set foot on land. Then the use of a metaphor in the last stanza of this poem “As they beckoned towards a blood-rimmed horizon” signifies the suffering they faced during their voyage across the red sea. It also displays the hope that was still left in the eyes of the immigrants that had fled their homes to travel across the entire world in search of a peaceful colonisation. “The equator was still to be crossed” implies that not only has their physical journey been robust and hazardous, but also that they were only half way through their travels and...
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