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1. Introduction
Entrepreneur are one unique individuals that establishes and manages a business for the principal purpose of profit and growth. The entrepreneur is characterized by innovative behavior and implement strategic management practices in the business (Gartner, 1989). It is very important for any business students to know how entrepreneurs act and behave in order to learn and become successfull entrepreneurs in the future. Therefore, in this paper, we will discuss about two entrepreneurs in the business world. One is local entrepreneur, which is Mr Dahlan Iskan, former-CEO of Jawa Post Group while the other is iconic entrepreneur that has been very famous in the world, Steve Jobs. Although Steve Jobs has passed away, but his spirit and efforts are legendary and it will provide good comparison with local entrepreneur such as Mr Dahlan Iskan. Therefore, this can be used as a learning process about understanding how entrepreneur can be success in today’s business world.

2. Profile of Entrepreneur
2.1 Dahlan Iskan
The local entrepreneur that is chosen in this paper is Mr Dahlan Iskan, the former-CEO of Jawa Post Group and now is chosen as State Minister for State-Owned Enterprises. Jawa Post Group is one of newspaper agency in Indonesia that has headquarter in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Dahlan Iskan is very phenomenom because of his performances to build Jawa Post from scratch and turning Jawa Post from newspaper with 6,000 exemplars into 300,000 exemplars turnover in only five years. Moreover, Dahlan Iskan is also the one that build Jawa Pos News Network (JPNN), one of the largest newspaper networks that has 134 newspaper, and magazine, with over 40 printing facility in aoround Indonesia. (JPNN, 2014; Amazon, 2014)

Figure 1. Logo of Jawa Post Group
(Source: Tempo, 2012)

Figure 2. Dahlan Iskan
(Source: BTD, 2011)

2.2 Steve Jobs
The second chosen entrepreneur is Steve Jobs. Although Steve Jobs has passed away, however his legacy as entrepreneur can not be ignored. Nowadays, there are many people in the worlds that are obssessed with the products that are made by Steve Jobs with his company, Apple. Steve Jobs was born in February 24, 1955, from Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali. At the age of 21, he began his collaboration with Steve Wozniak to establish Apple Computer in their garage. Steve Jobs ever being thrown away from his CEO position in Apple on 1985. However, Apple offered position again for Steve Jobs and with their second opportunity, Steve Jobs has transformed Apple with many revolutionary products, such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad. (Maslin, 2011; Isaacson, 2013). Nowadays, Apple are known as one of the most successfull company in the world, and considered as having great amount of cash, exceeding the cash of United States of American in 2012 (Huffington Post, 2012).

3. Comparison of Entrepreneur
3.1 Characteristics of Entrepreneur
First discussion is regarding the characteristics of the entrepreneur. Dahlan Iskan has very different characteristics compared to Steve Jobs. However, there are also similarity between those two entrepreneur. For Dahlan Iskan, some of key characteristics that make him become good entrepreneurs are as follow: a) Dahlan Iskan is very humble persons that like to serve his employees. It is one of the main characteristics of Dahlan Iskan where he likes to works from bottom. Servant leadership is defined as leadership style that “emphasizes increased service to others; a holistic approach to work; promoting a sense of community; and the sharing of power in decision-making” (Stone et al, 2004). Dahlan Iskan use it in his daily basis to create empowerment for his employees. b) Dahlan Iskan has a good work ethic: learn fast, think fast, make decisions quickly, and very brilliant in solving the problem. c) He have a simple lifestyle, where he still used his old 2000 cars to drive to his...

References: Maslin, Janet. (2011). Making the iBio for Apple’s Genius. Available from: [Accessed 22 January 2014].
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