Topics: Gene, Gene expression, DNA Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The depth of DNA and our genetic makeup can blow your mind. To consider that every human being can have the same foundation of genes, can make you wonder why do we all have different characteristics, traits and health issues. That all boils down to epigenetics, which are the markers in your genes that turn on or off, relatively like a light switch. It’s so compound that it has the ability to trigger certain things and change them within our bodies and they may not affect you at the time or even down the road but certain defects can be passed down to generations. Epigenetics is not set in stone; they are formulated to work depending on your surroundings, habits, foods, emotions and etc. Nobody knows how to turn the right genes on or off but by the simplest little changes in your life you can evolve a better life for yourself and future generations. More studies had been done within mice, Agouti mice preferably. In this study they used to identical mice, except one was yellow and chubby while the other one was dark brown and thin. Both mice shared a particular Agouti gene, this gene was often turned on in the yellow mouse more frequently then the dark brown. So the reason for the weight gain and over eating in the yellow mouse was that the receptors that tells our brain that we are full, was blocked so the mouse had no self-control. When certain receptors are unresponsive it’s from a chemical tag called methyl molecule, which is composed of carbon and hydrogen which shuts the agouti gene off. So if the proteins hug DNA very tightly it hides from the cells and cannot be utilized within the epigenome. Epigenome tells the body when to work and how to work, so without control it changes.

Some more research has been done over Angelmans syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome, which are to syndromes caused by the deletion of a gene in the15th chromosome with other genetic impairments. It ponders your mind to think why they are so different if the similarity in...
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