Epstein's Essay on the Celebrity Culture and Fame

Topics: Celebrity, Steve Jobs, People Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: May 25, 2012
Miguel Berenguel
Mr. Hesse
English 99
15 December 2011
From the Culture of Celebrity
People today think of “fame” and “celebrity” as one in the same. But, consider what fame actually is, “something one earns- through talent or achievement.” Now think about a celebrity, many of them have yet to achieve anything at all, let alone something fame worthy. In fact, the typical celebrity has neither talent nor any accomplishments. In the essay From the Culture of Celebrity Joseph Epstein portrays fame and celebrity as two different things entirely. I think Steve Jobs is a great example of someone who has fame but is not a celebrity.

In the essay Epstein asserts how fame is something one earns through achievements and talents while celebrity does not require talent or achievement at all. Epstein uses Ted Williams as an example of fame because “ he wished to be famous but had no interest in being a celebrity.” Ted Williams wanted to be known for being “the greatest pure hitter who ever lived,” he cared more about how he performed on the field rather than signing autographs and making himself look good to others. Although not as famous as a baseball player, just like Ted Williams a great example of someone who has fame is Steve Jobs. Mostly everyone knows Steve Jobs as the Apple guy and for the great products he has made, these products not only has gave him success but also gave him fame. Unlike most people who are famous Steve Jobs is not a celebrity, he became famous for his innovative intelligence in creating computers and gadgets that most people in today’s society need. Steve was not in it to be a celebrity, just like Ted Williams, he wanted to be known for his creations and for his achievements, he focused more into making each product a little better than the previous to please his consumers rather than making them to be known for it.

I think it is important to recognize or seek fame rather than seek being a celebrity because as said by Epstein, fame is...
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