Era of Apple

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, IPhone Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Three apples have changed the world ‘ADAMS’, ‘NEWTON’s’ and ‘STEVE JOBS’ Apple was just a fruit for all of us some time back, nobody would have ever thought that this name will bring a revolution in the electronic industry. Wherever Apple stepped in, it managed to touch the sky. From an interactive desktop operating system, Apple was determined to bring best sound technology and so the old Walkman and disk man were transformed into a smart music player which could even play videos in later versions. And later the smart music player was merged with a smart phone which only left the competitors with their jaws dropped.

STEVE JOBS , as a CEO of Apple has revolutionized mobile communications, music, movies and modern culture made technology beautiful, ended the reign of personal computers and changed our lives. Yes, you are right, ‘life is smoother since we can touch instead of push‘ Under the guidance of Steve jobs Apple introduced the feather –light, touch- driven operating process that changed the look and feel of today devices, bought aesthetics to electronics, and made it accessible to all. Steve job the ceo, apple was a style maker who remained half a step ahead of the world, innovating, investing and doggedly marketing his product His great strength: he realized what we wanted before we understood it our selves. In 1976, job introduced the first apple computer for hobbyists and engineers. Apple II (1977) was one of the first successful PC’s

Lisa (1983) was the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface and a curser controlled by a mouse. Yes , It was the foundation for today’s computer interfaces, but Lisa was too expensive to be a commercial success. Macintosh (1984) like the Lisa Macintosh had a graphical user interface. In 1989, after being forced out of apples, Steve Jobs started a company, NeXT company, that build a workstation computer. The company did not sell large number, but the...
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