Essay on a Sucessful Business Person

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Successful Business Person Essay

There are many things that all successful business people have in common. They all recognize the value of their business. They visualize the positive outcomes in their business and their life instead of focusing only on the negatives. They learn to maintain a work and personal life balance. They have to develop and maintain a support system of people with the same goals and mindsets. They all maintain a level of self-confidence about their business, have personal plans and actions, and recognize and their limitations. They also all show their passion of what they do in their business and personal lives.

There are obviously some of the more recognizable traits of a very successful business person. Some include the fact that they are both self-reliant and self-confident. Another is that they are usually very relaxed and have learned to keep their cool in stressful situations. There are so many more simple traits like creativity, working hard, always expanding their ideas, but one of my favorites is that they never quit. A successful business person doesn’t quit and that is one of the main things that make them successful. They are curious about what might happen next so they look over the horizon and try to see the future. They also are willing to take responsibility for their own actions and are eager to learn from their mistakes.

A man that fits the description above might be someone like Steve Jobs. This Apple Inc. founder was involved in desktop publishing and even giving the world the laser printer. He also came to become one of the co-founders of Pixar. He left Apple in 1977 with a 30 year career but returned in 1997 to completely alter the way they worked and the amount of revenue Apple was soon to make. He changed the dynamics of the IPod and persuaded the music industry to release their music on what we now call, ITunes. He now is getting to the height of his creative and promotional powers and has created the...
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