Essay - Screen Obsession

Topics: Mobile phone, Vacuum tube, Film Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: December 24, 2013
Why are humans so obsessed with screens?
Every day people are spending their time playing on their mobile phones, watching television and sitting in front of their computer. How larger the screen, how bigger the fun, phones are getting larger and larger and watching TV is no fun on a small television, and why else would you go to the cinema if it’s not because they have an enormous screen?

In the first place, people want to escape from the reality for a moment, so than they can watch a movie and start imagining that they are the mean character of the movie and sympathize with him. And of course, in movies is everything possible, so sometimes you really are in another world. The same goes for a videogame, but games go a little further than movies, because you can decide what the main character does because you are the one controlling him. Especially on a big screen, empathizing is even more easily, you can be someone else inside a different virtual world where everything is possible.

In the second place, people use screens to kill time. When people are bored or they can’t think of something to talk about they start playing with their phones. They are checking their Facebook, talking to friends on whatsapp, playing games or watching movies on YouTube. This comes down on the invention of the smart-phone, which everyone has these days. On a smart-phone you can install applications, this can be games, but also useful programs such as whatsapp where you can easily talk with your friends, you have thousands apps to choose from. That’s also a reason for people to spend time playing with their mobiles, because of all the possibilities. Of course watching television and sitting in front of your PC is also a good way to kill some time.

Lastly, watching television, computing and mobiles can also be very useful. With the computer a lot of things have become a lot easier. Now I don’t have to write this essay on a piece of paper and can use the computer to make an...
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