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No school, LSD and an Apple diet
Could it be that Steve Jobs motto ‘ Think different’ resulted from the use of LSD? Or did his freethinking concerning his school attendance have something to do with ‘think different’? Not really a recipe for success, but nevertheless Steve Jobs became the man with a computer that changes the world. No school, success guaranteed

Steve Jobs grew up in an adoption home. His biological mother insisted he would partake of a good education, but just like his adoptive parents, he would never do so. When a class sounded interesting to Steve, he would attend them even though this was not listed in his curriculum. Without these classes ‘Apple’ would have never been the same ‘Apple’ as it is today. So is it really necessary to complete education is founded on specific guidelines and boring lessons? For example, Bill Gates and Will Smith, men who became successful and famous enduring the educational roller coaster. Wise lessons

A stand out moment in the movie was the mentioning of Steve Jobs‘ experiments with LSD. He describes this period as one of the most important periods of his life. During the LSD-trips apples always tasted good. You could say, he lived on an apples diet. Because of his love for apples this was the name for the company that made the world changing first colour screened computer, Macintosh. For me it’s a wise lesson. Don’t let people control you and judge you according to set expectations like completing an education and living according to a certain lifestyle. So be creative and think out of the box. Of course, not everybody needs some hallucinogenic drugs, as long as you keep your mind broadened. The most important expression that I want to share in this essay is that everybody needs to do whatever he or she loves, follow your heart, you are already naked. Changing the world like Hitler

How do you become such a big inspiring icon, that everybody want to listen to you and follow your ideas? If somebody could...
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