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Dear MBL2 students

Assignment titles/themes

Each assignment should be given a proper title that reflects the theme. E.g.

“Utilising the CAT-scan approach to the Nestlé product safety issue”.

Contents issues

Generally the case studies were well described and presented. The groups also experienced little difficulty in identifying 1) ethical issues and 2) stakeholders affected. The generation of options could, however, have been more creative. Utilisation of your moral imagination? In many assignments the options generated were listed as for of five options, were these were, however, merely components of a single options. Some groups’ action plans were too narrowly described. What, for example, could the organisations in question do to build ethical cultures and prevent similar issues from re-occurring? In the “Defending the moral framework” section, the ethical tests suggested by Carroll and Buchholtz (2006, pp 225-227) could have been utilised to justify the option that was chosen.


Very few groups conducted a proper literature study. It is non-negotiable that masters level students incorporate a solid theoretical foundation into their assignments. Identify and procure good, scientific sources, and integrate and cite these properly continuously throughout the assignment. (Please note: Wikipedia is NOT a scientific source). For example, if the theme your case study was product safety, why not include literature on the ethics of product safety?

Many assignments contained summaries of the literature used. This clearly evident when a source is cited at the end of a paragraph. If that reference applies to the whole paragraph, and not only to the last sentence of the paragraph, you have merely been summarising. Try to include two or three good references in each paragraph when you discuss theoretical issues, ideas and concepts.


There was generally major inconsistency in the in-text citation of references. Please note the following:

- et al is only to be used when there are three or more authors. Use all the authors’ names when you cite the source for the first time, thereafter use et al. - there is no need to include authors’ initials when you cite sources in the contents, surnames and dates only - direct quotations have to appear in parentheses and be accompanied by a page number (e.g. Carroll and Buchholtz (2006, p. 206) state that “Amoral management is an endemic paradigm in profit-driven companies”.

List of References

Please note that it is called a List of References, or just References, and not Bibliography.

Please arrange references in alphabetical order.

Do not include references in the list of references if you had NOT cited them in the contents.

Table and figures

Tables and figures are not necessarily self-explanatory. Describe what the table/figure is about in the paragraph preceding the table/figure. E.g. “The CAT-scan analysis is displayed in Figure 3. (Not the CAT-scan is displayed in the table below).

Each table/figure should have 1) a number, 2) a proper heading, and 3) the source where the table/figure was obtained from (point 3 is not applicable if the table/figure was compiled by the authors of the assignment

Executive summary

Please note that an executive summary should not double as an introduction. It should be written in the past tense and be a broad overview of the theme, analysis/approach and findings. Limit the executive summary to 250 words.


Each essay should have a proper introduction section. Some guidelines in this regard:

The introduction should not be longer than one page. It usually consists of

1. a background paragraph that provides the corporate/organisational/ industry context in which the theme of the essay is presented. E.g. this essay could have contained the state of unethical behaviour...
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