Event Management Assignment Brief 2015

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Coursework Assignments

Actual assignments and dates for submission

Students are required to do Assessment A and any one Event of Assessment B 1. ASSESSMENT A (40%)
With reference to India and city of your choice, construct an essay that addresses the following: • Identify your country or city’s main strengths and weaknesses as a conference destination. • With reference to these strengths and weaknesses, suggest a plan for the development of the business tourism market in your destination.

The essay should be written in formal English and fully referenced. It should be 2500 words long including appendices and references must be handed in Prof. Geetanjali Kale no later than­­­­­­­ March 24, 2015 at 10:00 AM, late submissions will be penalized.

Each student is to select one of the following events:
Event 1
The event is for the International Association of Hospitality Technology Specialists. Delegates are expected to travel from all over the world to participate in this up market technological event. The maximum number of delegates will be 300. The event will last for 3 days and be held in December 2015. This event has a high budget, should allow time for networking and can be held anywhere worldwide.

Event 2
The event is being organized by the Cornell Institute of Hospitality Management in September 2015. The conference is titled “Heritage and the Future” and will last 3 days. Delegates are expected to include students, academics and industrialists with maximum numbers expected to be 350. Delegates at this event will be on varying budgets. The event is to be held in India.

Students should then write a report which addresses the following: 5
a) Explain the characteristics of this type of conference buyer, and identify the criteria which should be used to select a suitable conference venue. You should draw on academic theory to support your arguments. b) Identify 3 venues which meet the identified criteria. Select one of these venues for your conference, giving reasons for your choice. c) Devise an appropriate event program, including dates, timings, catering, social program added value and any additional facilities and services required. d) Outline a budget for the event, indicating both costs and revenue generation (eg Delegate fees, sponsorship). Costs can be estimated, if actual figures cannot be sourced. e) Explain how the event will be marketed to potential delegates. f) Identify an appropriate evaluation strategy to determine the success of the event. This strategy should be based on academic theory, and should aim to gather information from the full range of stakeholders involved.

All of the issues listed are to be addressed in a report of not more than 2500 words total. This report is to be submitted to Prof. Geetanjali Kale no later than 1700hrs on Monday, April 20, 2015. Late submission will be penalized.

The report should be written in formal English and be fully referenced. If you are in any doubt regarding the level of detail required for either piece of assessment then please discuss with Module Coordinator in class. Students should note that the events and organizations listed do not exist. Students must not suggest that they are genuine projects to potential venues or sources of information – this would be unethical!

i. Guidance Notes for Assignments

a. Some general points on your coursework assignments
As a rule it is a good idea to place graphs, sketches, tables etc on the page to which you refer to them or on the very next page but definitely do not consign these to appendix! You should also leave a margin on the right hand side of the page of no less than 2.5 cm for the marker’s comments. This prevents your written work being written over by the marker! Always clearly label the question and sub-questions, which you are dealing with. Finally,...
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